30 November 2023
Russian military delegation met with representatives of Burkina Faso junta
2 month ago
Both Houses of UK Parliament have just approved the Home Secretary's motion to add the Wagner Group to a list of proscribed terrorist organisations
2 month ago
Total collapse of the electrical grid in Nigeria has caused widespread blackouts across the largest economy in Africa
Al-Qaeda shows remains of a supposed Wagner helicopter they shot down in Sègou region Mali2 month ago
Al-Qaeda shows remains of a supposed Wagner helicopter they shot down in Sègou region Mali
2 month ago
The head of the Transitional Council in Mali stresses to Putin the necessity of resolving the situation in Niger through political and diplomatic means
DOD is preparing to cut its presence in Niger nearly in half in the next few weeks, as troops move out of Niamey amid widespread protests, according to 2 DOD officials. Would be the 1st major movement of U.S. forces out of Niger since a July coup
US official sources: Reducing the drones' sorties from the American base in Niger since the coup
French government spokesman: There are discussions with officials in Niger to coordinate on the ground
Jitender Sachdeva, founder and Group President, Skipper Seil Group, announcing plans to invest $1.6B into Nigeria, in the power sector, over the next 2 years. Says he’s been doing business in Nigeria for 25 years, across healthcare, power and defence
2 month ago
Prime Minister of the putschist government in Niger: Talks are underway for the "quick" withdrawal of French forces
2 month ago
Niger reopens its airspace after a nearly month-long closure
Russian Deputy Defense Minister Evkurov returned to Syria after visits to Mali, Burkina-Faso, Central African Republic
JNIM AQIM claims "the bombing of Timbuktu airport this Wednesday morning sanctuary of Wagner's mercenaries and soldiers of the traitor Goïta"
EU Foreign Minister: We are moving forward with sanctions against Niger
The President of Nigeria: We follow the developments in Gabon closely and we have deep concern about the political and social stability there
Mali: JNIM militants increase their pressure around Timbuktu. 26/08 Projection of 2 mortar shells causing 1 death and 3 injuries including 1 serious. 27/08 Burning of a truck transporting fuel. The militants block the road coming from Mauritania. Only small vehicles can pass as well as women and children. The impact is felt on the prices of fuel and basic foodstuffs (increase of 50 to 100%)
3 month ago
A source in the military council in Niger rejects France's threat and affirms commitment to protecting the French diplomatic mission
ECOWAS invites the Nigerien putschists to meet in a neutral place
3 month ago
Niger police push reinforcements in front of the French base in Niamey, as demonstrations continue to demand the departure of the French ambassador and French forces
3 month ago
The deadline of the military council in Niger has expired for the French ambassador to leave Niamey and return to his country
3 month ago
Niger Coup: A Ghanaian driver has been shot dead after armed men suspected jihadists attacked a convoy of trucks carrying foodstuff from Ghana to Niger at Dori on the border with Niger and Burkina Faso. The trucks were burnt
Russian Military delegation, headed by deputy minister Evkurov, is visiting Libya on the invitation of Haftar
3 month ago
The head of the ECOWAS delegation to Niger: No one wants war and we hope that the diplomatic track will succeed
3 month ago
The head of the ECOWAS delegation to Niger: the talks with the military junta were very fruitful
Egyptian Foreign Ministry: We stress the importance of dialogue to ensure a peaceful solution to the crisis in Niger
The Peace and Security Council of the African Union: We strongly reject any external interference by any party in the affairs of the African continent, including the participation of private military companies
Peace and Security Council of the African Union: We support ECOWAS' measures to restore order in Niger diplomatically
The African Peace and Security Council decides to immediately suspend Niger's participation in all activities of the Union
Algeria refuses French request to fly over its airspace for military operation in Niger
3 month ago
Unknown location
Wagner-tied channels released a video of Prigozhin, purportedly from a country in Africa. The leader of the group says Wagner is actively hiring and "making Russia greater" in Africa